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(Uniqlo Cashmere Sweater, Uniqlo Hooded Coat, Lack of Color Lola Cap, Uniqlo Denim Jeans, Chloe Faye Backpack, Adidas Sneakers [similar], Ray-Ban Oval Sunglasses)

All of a sudden it’s autumn (or fall for my North American friends) here Down Under which means three things in my world: transitioning from denim shorts to denim jeans, replacing iced chais with steaming hot ones & digging out all those cosy knits from the depths of my wardrobe. I learnt long ago to invest in quality knits for the colder months, after years of having to throw out all too many misshapen, hole-filled, ill-fitting ones. In fact, it was last year that  I stumbled across Uniqlo’s high-quality range of knits, which, as it turns out is one of the best-kept secrets going round. And from there, I discovered their cashmere range & the love affair began.

I have to admit I am no cashmere expert, in fact I am far from it. For as long as I could remember, the soft wool & cosy warmth of such a fine fabric was always out of my price range & I could never justify the cost. But now I get the hype. Cashmere really is pure heaven. Not only do I still love my Uniqlo cashmere sweater from last season (confession: I actually got two) it still fits like a glove, came through winter untorn & still perfectly resembles the shape I purchased it in. My wardrobe is happy and for less that $130, so is my wallet.

This season I had a goal – to add a camel cashmere to my ever-growing collection. A quick visit to Uniqlo and that box is ticked! Again, I struggled to leave the cashmere sweater section without first perusing the rainbow of colours on offer and again, I left with not one, but two more knits under my arm. It won’t be long until I compile the whole range…. oops!

Meanwhile, I can’t tell you how many compliments I get about my oh-so-cute Chloe Faye backpack. This baby had been on my list for quite sometime & has revolutionised my life. Who knew having two free hands at all times could be so damn convenient? And yes, I may or may not have intentionally matched my new cashmere sweater to it. I am all about colour co-ordination these days!

And on that note, I would like to confess that no taxi drivers were harmed in the making of this blog post. Happy Monday! x


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