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Whilst it’s long been seen as just another stopover city, Singapore is fast becoming a standalone destination in it’s own right, and I have no doubt that more and more people will soon be weighing up private jet charter costs to see if they can get themselves to this fashion playground. Before this trip I had the pleasure of going to another place that is known for its fashion culture and this was Seoul in South Korea. I found that there was so many things to do in Hongdae, Gangnam and many other places that had a large focus on fashion and the most gorgous cultural designs that just made me fall in love with the city. Singapore was another opportunity for me to experience a different culture of fashion and feel that same wonder that I had when I was back in South Korea. Thanks to Emirates I was lucky enough to experience a whirlwind trip to this culturally vibrant & diverse city to explore everything this incredible hub has to offer. Of course, whilst shopping was top of our agenda, we also found time to visit some of the most iconic landmarks. So it turns out there are certainly plenty of reasons why Singapore should be top of your bucket list…

1. Orchard Road

This infamous 2.2 kilometre stretch of bitumen is home to countless malls and is the Singapore equivalent to London’s renowned Oxford St or New York’s esteemed Fifth Avenue. If you have come to Singapore to shop, then this undoubtedly has to be your first stop. Every label under the sun, from high-end luxury houses to high street offerings, Orchard Road has it all. It’s easy to spend hours and hours strolling along this bustling boulevard. But be sure to rest your feet along the way & recharge by tasting Singapore’s traditional dish – chicken rice. Now it doesn’t sound like much, but this is an iconic & much celebrated local meal. We stopped by the award-winning Chatterbox to sample this famous dish, and with stomachs full we once again hit the shops to continue the credit card damage!

2. Haji Lane

If you are looking for a more unique shopping experience, then this quirky lane full of independent boutiques and designers is just for you. Here you’ll find bright graffiti-lined streets, candy-coloured shop fronts & an array of cute eateries. This is where you can get your hands on vintage pieces and locally-designed offerings that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. For the tourist in you, this shopping haven is located on the doorstep of a stunning mosque so there is plenty more to do than just shop at Haji Lane.

3. The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

As one of Singapore’s largest shopping malls, The Shoppes have PLENTY to offer a keen shopper, all in the comfort of crisp air-conditioning (for those of us whose hair can no longer suffer the extreme humidity levels). This centre has all the offerings you could want from luxury designers to low end outlets; the layout affords an aura of spaciousness despite the many shoppes lined up one after the other. It is truly a testament to marrying health and safety norms (investigate this site if you are keen on learning about effective safety signage for large amenities) with a great shopping experience. Better still, it is home to a crystal blue canal where you can find yourself a gondola & enjoy a ride through the centre. Not OTT at all right? Be sure to grab a drink on the top level at CÉ LA VI Skybar and take in breathtaking views of the entire city over an infinity pool. Not bad for a shopping mall right?

So there you have it, my top three shopping destinations in Singapore, so you can shop ’til you drop in The Lion City. But trust me, there is plenty more than just shopping here. We also stopped by the jaw-dropping Gardens By The Bay. A national horticultural attraction, these gardens are a show-stopping display of flora artistry that is guaranteed to inspire. I absolutely loved every second here, there is just something so magical about the plant world that I have always been fascinated by. A must visit in my opinion!

Can I give you any more reasons to visit Singapore? Oh wait, did I mention the delicious Singapore Slings? Surely you’re convinced? Which leads me to my next question, when will you be booking your flight?

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