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Who needs to be in Paris when you can nail the French girl next door look wherever you are? Obviously, actually being in Paris would be ideal but let’s work with what we’ve got shall we? Now I am well aware I am not even close to emanating the effortless levels of cool that actual Parisien ladies possess but I think I’ve managed to give it a pretty red hot go. And you know what, nailing that elusive French chic style is actually much easier than you probably think. You don’t even need heels!! Trust me, you’ll feel like picnicking under the Eiffel Tower with a baguette or two after following these simple steps…

wearing a French fashion outfit sitting in a french cafe

bisous t-shirt and skinny jeanschanel boy bag in a french cafe

Source a Pair of Skinny European Denim Jeans

Every French cool girl’s bff is a pair of skinny jeans right? Think high-waisted & extra stretchy to allow room for all those frites. But you don’t have to break the bank, these vintage-inspired Jeanswest Nisa jeans crafted from premium European denim will set you back only $129, tres bien! They feel luxuriously smooth and super-soft with a seriously fab high-waisted fit. Be warned, they are SUPER stretchy though, so if I were you I would take a size down so they fit snug. Also if you are the serial issue of jeans being too long for your legs, these are cropped to 7/8 so no need to roll up that hem. And as you know, I do love a good pair of Jeanswest denim, not just for the fit but because they all come with a lifetime guarantee so you know they’ve got your back. Parfait!

Stock Up on Berets

Every Parisien’s must-have accessory. Nothing screams French chic style more than a cute beret. I have one in nearly colour these days, potentially bordering on an addiction. Yet I still don’t know if I am wearing them right, does one where it behind the bangs, on an angle, on the forehead? Or does anyway suffice? Those stylish French girls always seem to nail it effortlessly.

French style outfit in the rainchanel boy bag bikejeanswest navy skinny jeans
french chic outfit

Throw on a Striped Tee

A quintessential French fave. I absolutely love this adorable Bisous tee that absolutely nails the Parisien vibe. You can seriously channel some Brigitte Bardot vibes with a classic stripe. Personally, I wear my tees oversized and love to tuck them in or tie a knot the front for a casual yet comfortable look. Plus the roomier the tee, the more room for croissants oui?

Stick to a Neutral Colour Palette

Yep, those French ain’t ones for too much colour. Stick to a navy, white, black or beige palette when dressing like a Parisian. There is one exception to the rule however, a bold pop of red. I foolishly forgot to pack my fave red lipstick on this occasion (classic Lisa), but finishing with a rouge lip is always a winner. Leaving a red lip stain on a vino glass is a French hallmark no?

parisien style outfit with clear umbrella

girl in a french cafe French girl fashion wearing a stripe tee and red beret

(Wearing Jeanswest jeans & tee, Lack Of Color beret, Converse One Star sneakers, Chanel Boy Bag, Ray-Ban oval sunglasses, K-Mart umbrella, Astley Clarke Rings, Rianna Phillips phone case)

So there you have it! A foolproof recipe for nailing a perfectly French outfit. You’ve now got a wardrobe of classic French fashion staples that you’ll never need to toss. Seeing as you look the part, find yourself a cute little French bistro and settle in for an afternoon of frites. Or, are you feeling inspired to book a trip to the real City Of Lights? Ooh la la!

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Shot by Eleni Ali


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