Every since puberty I have struggled with persistent hormonal breakouts & for years I have simply band-aided the problem with medication, which despite being a reasonably effective solution, it was certainly one I didn’t want to continue forever. Having acne has always been a part of my life that I have wanted to avoid talking about or even acknowledging but I feel the time is right to open up about my struggles. This certainly would not have been possible without the Hüd Skin & Body team, aka my clear skin angels…

Blogger Lisa Hamilton from See Want Shop using DMK skin products to achieve clear skinBlogger Lisa Hamilton from See Want Shop using DMK skin products to achieve clear skinBlogger Lisa Hamilton from See Want Shop using DMK skin products to achieve clear skinBlogger Lisa Hamilton from See Want Shop using DMK skin products to achieve clear skinBlogger Lisa Hamilton from See Want Shop has achieved clear skinBlogger Lisa Hamilton from See Want Shop using DMK skin products to achieve clear skin


The expert dermal therapists at Hüd Skin & Body diagnosed my skin as Comedonal Acne Type II which, lucky old me, is that hardest grade to treat. What are comedones & why are they evil? A comedo is an enlarged & clogged pore or hair follicle, which, when it is closed under the skin, is more commonly known as a whitehead. Keratin (skin debris) combines with oil to block the follicle & thus we have ourselves a pimple. Type II Acne means that both blackheads & whiteheads exist with pustules also evident. Breakout activity is noticeable & some inflammation of the skin occurs. My greatest areas of breakouts were the cheeks, chin & jaw line areas & this was closely linked with hormonal cycles.

As I said, for YEARS, I bandaid this problem quite effectively with medications but I wanted to stop them to give my body a break. This is when, to put it mildly, all hell broke loose on the acne front. I knew I needed to seek professional treatment immediately & so I contacted Hüd Skin & Body who came to my skin rescue. If you follow me on snapchat, you would have seen snippets of the treatments that I have undergone there over the past twelve or so months.

They also set me up with a comprehensive home skin routine using DMK skincare products. I stopped everything else immediately. This ensured that all the hard work at the clinic was not undone at home. By far, I saw the best results when I started taking DMK’s Essential Fatty Acid tablets, my skin was brighter & clearer after only a couple of weeks!

It has been a long journey, & still one I am actively on, but the results have been incredible. I have the confidence to go about my day without makeup & that feeling is pure bliss. I honestly couldn’t be happier. So to all of you also struggling with skin issues, I implore you to seek professional help. Your clear skin & your improved self-esteem will thank you for it. xx


Since starting my skin treatments I have been receiving plenty of questions on instagram, snapchat & via email so, together with Gry (the owner of Hüd) we have answered your most frequently asked queries….


What treatments did you get?
Gry performed Enzyme Therapies with pre-exfoliations (alkaline wash, prozyme, lactic/ citric peels & cassia extract peel) as well as skin needling to revise my persistent acne. Even though my skin looked clear most of the time I had a huge amount of ductal plugging. To treat this, Hüd had to increase my free water levels with enzymes. Then I embarked on the big one – a Remodelling Procedure. This occurred over two days & the skin downtime was one whole week! It worked on pigmented scars and sun damage, as well as the left over congestion. As Gry appropriately put it, the RP is like putting a bomb under your skin & getting everything out onto the surface. It was by the far the most effective treatment I’ve ever had & my skin has never looked (or felt) better. For months I was knocking back compliments about how fresh & dewy my skin looked. A good problem to have! Some of these compliments may have been down to some of the products I managed to source via VCI Shop. However, similar products can be found all over the internet!
What is milia & how is it treated?
Milia is a clumping of ceramides usually caused by thick moisturisers which just clog the surface or by sun exposure. Quite often white clumps will be found around the eyes. The first port of call is daily use of DMK Essential Fatty Acids available at Hüd Skin & Body. They will balance out your oils from the inside and make your oil more thin & fluid which in turn will help push the impactions to the surface. If this isn’t enough we can use a machine called Lamprobe to remove the milia in a quick, easy & pain-free procedure.


How is pigmentation best treated?
Treatment depends on what type of pigmentation you have. With both hormonal pigmentation & sun damage, Hüd will introduce a tyrosinase inhibitor along with vitamins A & C to start the process of lightening as well as preventing new pigment formation. It’s then important to get the skin functioning really well by treating with Enzyme Therapy. The next port of call for hormonal pigmentation would be a Dermamelan treatment, which is the best treatment on the market for this kind of pigmentation. It is a one-off treatment & the downtime is generally about 7- 10 days. For sun damage & age management, a treatment called RP (Remodelling Procedure) which targets ALL aspects of sun induced damage & collagen loss is best.


How do you remove blackheads?
Blackheads are just your oil trapped in the pore which has then being exposed to air. Extractions is what everyone asks for but this is just a band-aid approach. To change the reason why they are there, you need to increase the free water levels in the skin & make your skin’s oil nice & thin so it can spread along the surface where it forms part of our acid mantle (skin barrier). This is achieved by combining Enzyme Therapy with peels at Hüd.


How often do you need to see a dermal therapist?
To revise skin conditions the treatment interval needs to be shorter, generally every two weeks until the condition is improved. Then maintenance treatments every four to six weeks is recommended. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking there is a quick fix to stubborn skin conditions. Any “quick fixes” are just temporary & not a long lasting solution.


What are the best treatments for fine lines & wrinkles?
The best treatments would be collagen induction via skin needling (with or without Platelet Rich Plasma), Remodelling Procedure, & Laser Genesis.


More questions?

Feel free to email, tweet, snapchat, direct message or comment below any of your questions! I really hope you enjoyed this post. It has taken me so long to write it, the topic of acne has always been taboo for me & I have avoided talking about it all my life. I hope this helps those of you struggling with similar problems & prompts you to seek help. Let’s all feel confident & love the skin we’re in together! x



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  1. Great post! Gives me hope for my god-awful acne. Though I never had bad acne before 20, all the sudden, my 21st birthday brought with it loads and loads of acne that just won’t seem to go away!! Looking at the skincare site now.

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