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More and more of late I am finding myself leaving my phone on the charger beside my bed on weekends so I can go offline. You may have noticed a lack of posts from me across this timeframe recently. And the result? Pure offline bliss. In today’s digitally dominated world, it is so incredibly easy to find yourself scrolling through social media or online shopping website for hours on end (guilty!). For someone who spends A LOT of time online you may think it’s hard to switch off so here’s how I do it…

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1. Listen To a Podcast

Over the last twelve months I have become a podcast addict. It all started with Serial (aka one of the most interesting & thought-provoking shows on the planet) and since then I have been hooked. Listening to a podcast can be both relaxing & stimulating at the same time as well as informative, inspirational & hilarious. Personally, I am a MAJOR true crime buff so I love listening to Casefile, Crimetown and Thinking Sideways. For inspiration I get motivated by The Tony Robbins Podcast & The 8 Minute Millionaire. For business advice and tips I love Online Marketing Made Easy & The Social Media Marketing Podcast. And for a little bit of everything I find The Joe Rogan Experience a fascinating listen. He covers everything from science to politics to health advice to interviews with some incredible humans & celebrities. The episodes with Louis Theroux and Leah Remini are absolutely captivating. Remember, with podcasts it’s all about trial and error, you’ll love some and you’ll hate some but eventually you’ll find your favourites. Now it’s about time I discovered some newbies, so tell me what podcasts do you listen to religiously?

2. Read A Book

Technically I don’t read books anymore, I read my beloved Kindle (by far one of the best purchases I have EVER made!) I was convinced to buy one after travelling with my best friend who had one & the absolute convenience of it had me sold. Ever since I was young I have absolutely loved getting stuck into a great book. It has even been suggested that reading is another form of meditation & I have to agree it is my favourite way to wind down after a long day. The creative input that goes into making a book should be appreciated. I mean, not just the written words, but the kind of work that book cover designers and book illustrators in chicago (or anywhere) makes our reading time wholesome. Some of my recent faves? Before I Go To Sleep by S.J. Watson, Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, Today I Will Be Different by Maria Semple & Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter. There’s your holiday reading sorted!

3. Discover a New Series on Netflix

Hands down one of my favourite weekend activities (isn’t it everyone’s guilty pleasure?) There’s nothing quite like settling on the couch for a series marathon & I find it’s a great way to mentally switch off. You’ll find me binging on shows including Narcos, Outlander, Unreal, The Handmaiden’s Tale, Black Mirror, Riverdale & Orange Is The New Black. What did we do before Netflix? If new television shows make you happy, you may want to look at upgrading your tv service with a dish network package or one similar so you can settle in front of the TV, no phones, no laptop, just you and the good old remote.

4. Put Your Phone on Aeroplane Mode

It seems simple enough, but this is a SUPER easy technique that I have started doing every single night at 9:30 pm. No emails, no notifications, no interruptions. The digital silence is so relaxing & I always feel better about it when I get up the next morning! Give it a go, especially if you have trouble getting to sleep at night or you find yourself scrolling through social media into the early hours of the morning. Plus there are no annoying vibrations throughout the night, so really it’s a win-win! On that note, you might also want to take a look at dispensaries such as Blessed CBD. This is assuming that you wish to indulge in some marijuana, which could help you sleep.

5. Hit The Gym

Sweat it out, get your hit of endorphins & leave your phone at home. Both your mind and body will thank you for it. Plus we need to work off some of those mince pies right?! Additionally, many people take supplements to keep themselves feeling healthy. Having time off from your phone can be the best thing when it comes to relaxing, so why not make the experience even more calming by looking into CBD products such as https://www.quicksilverscientific.com/all-products/full-spectrum-hemp-extract/ and many more? These products will help you to feel calmer in yourself and many supplements offer major health benefits.

With a crazy silly season ahead, it’s important to take some time away from the ever-crazy online world & give yourself a digital detox. On a side-note, how stunning is my fab new sofa from Harper’s Project? The perfect addition to our living room, Santa certainly came early in our household! Now to sit back, put away the phone & relax. Tell me, what are your favourite relaxation techniques?

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