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Are you as shell-shocked as I am that it’s actually December already? I have no idea where this year went, but I do it went VERY quickly. All of a sudden it’s that festive time of year when Mariah Carey is on repeat, Love Actually floods our television screens & the scramble to get through your Christmas present shopping list is all too real. Thankfully, my friends over at Australia Post take the stress out of online shopping with plenty of flexible delivery options to ensure your gifts not only arrive in time but safely & securely. Let the gifting begin!

Wrapping Christmas presents Wrapping Christmas presents Wrapping Christmas presents from Australia PostWrapping Christmas presents in rose gold paper Wrapping Christmas presentsPlacing Christmas present under tree

(wearing vintage gingham blouse, similar here)

This year, I teamed up with fellow influencer (& all round legend) Emma Hawkins to showcase just how easy Australia Post have made gift giving this year. Knowing Em is somewhat of a homewares queen, I went for this lavish Tahitian Coconut Lumira candle (I have one at home & it is all kinds of delicious) as well as this super cute baby marble dish (because we all know marble is life) from White Home Boutique. Now normally I am not the strongest wrapper but the pressure was on & I think I did a pretty good job no?

With Australia Post’s extended hours, I was able take my time (aka have a wine) & send it off a little later than normal. Not only are the ground staff working longer but their dedicated posties will be delivering after hours and on weekends too! So there is no reason to worry about your deliveries getting to loved ones in time for Christmas. Of course, there are other delivery companies too. People may want to try using a different company this Christmas. If that’s the case, people could always look for a cheap interstate courier to send a variety of different parcels to any address in Australia. That might be handy for those who are sending multiple gifts at the same time. Do some research to find the best prices beforehand.

For those using Australia Post, the delivery options are in abundance too with plenty of 24/7 options available (thank goodness!). You can choose to send it to a 24 hour parcel locker, your PO Box, collect from your local Post Office or nominate a safe place at home with Safe Drop. Sorry Santa, but the chimney just doesn’t cut it anymore!

And in a very un-Lisa like move, I have managed to finish all of my Christmas shopping already! How are you going with yours?


Thanks to Australia Post for sponsoring this content.


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