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Emirates Bvlgari amenity kits in business class Chloe faye tan backpack flying emirates business classflying emirates business classflying Emirates business classsunset aeroplane view

Earlier this year I was welcomed aboard Emirates business class as a guest of the brand for the the first time in my life! As one of the largest airlines in the world, Emirates’ reputation preceded itself but to experience the luxury first hand was something else. They manage to find this precarious balance between work & life, integrating the two seamlessly to ensure a stress-free, easy flying experience that you can mould exactly to your desires. And surprisingly, it’s not the obvious business class perks that will keep you coming back for more, it’s also the small things that make them one of the best…

1. The Chauffeur Driver Service

Kick off your journey in absolute style (& luxury) with the Emirates complimentary chauffeur-drive serve to AND from the  airport. How boujee is that? It means you can make the most of every moment of your trip & ensure you arrive at the terminal stress-free as well as on time! Perfect. They’ll also be there at the other end to take you to your desired hotel, restaurant, bar, beach or hammock. I still get a kick from seeing a well-dressed stranger holding up my name on an iPad as I walk off the plane. Like I said, sometimes it just the little things that make you smile.

2. The On-Board Lounge

The idea of a mile high Aperol Spritz never gets old does it? Even better when you can stretch the legs & have it standing at the upper deck bar with a dose of mood lighting plus a chance to mingle with other jet-setters. Snack on delicious canapés (personally I was a big fan of the cheese sticks)  & enjoy the ride!

3. The In-flight Entertainment System

Did you know that Emirates were one of the first airlines to add in-flight entertainment to their fleet? It comes as no surprise then that their program is not only award-winning, but boasts over 2000 on-demand channels to choose from. If you’re anything like me, you’ll find yourself a rom-com or musical & pass the hours away with a good old fashioned love story (or three)!

4. The Duty Free Shopping

Who doesn’t love shopping from the comfort of one’s (fully-retractable-that-it-turns-into-a-flat-bed) seat? Snag yourself a last-minute gift for a loved one, an accidentally -left-behind travel essential or just treat yourself! With an incredible selection of best-selling classics & fresh new arrivals you have plenty of choices. If you want to go ALL out Emirates, you can even buy branded merchandise on board. Get that credit card ready…

5. The Amenity Kits

Have I mentioned that they are Bvlgari? Yep pretty little designer pouches packed full of indulgent Bvlgari goodness. Not sure if I can say boujee twice in one article but it looks like I just did. Think signature fragrances, practically-edible lotions, aromatic face wipes & other pamper essentials to keep you feeling oh-so fresh throughout your flight.

6. The Unparalleled Service 

With multi-lingual crew ensuring your every on-board need is met, the service from Emirates is absolutely exceptional & only enriches the already unrivalled inflight experience. They go to extraordinary length to ensure comfort, ease & satisfaction. We had the most incredible, welcoming staff on our flights who couldn’t have been more helpful throughout. A special shout to Joy who was particularly amazing!

Ok ok you get it, enough waffling Lisa. If you weren’t convinced before, then surely you are now?

I may just be an Emirates convert…

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