A couple of weeks ago I (along with my fellow bridesmaids) hosted the bridal shower for one of our dearest friends &, thanks to the incredibly talented team at Lenzo, it was absolutely perfect…

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It was SUCH an amazing day & the bride was absolutely blown away (as were we)! The team at Lenzo thought of EVERYTHING, & as you can see, the results were jaw-dropping. Think personalised cake toppers, engraved cookies, customised cocktails, a fairy floss machine, an oversized polaroid frame, flower-crown making, jumbo balloons & PLENTY of fresh blooms. A totally instagrammable affair… xx

Styling by Lenzo

Jumbo balloons by Belle Balloons

Baked goods by Lamanna Patisserie

Alcohol by Brown Brothers

Flowers by Hi Petal Posies

Fringed backdrop by DD Brand

Soft furnishings by Co Co Xo

Partyware by Ruby Rabbit Party

Flower crown making by The Gathering Florist

Personalised cake topper by Jollywood



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