Hands up if you have never had a bra-fitting?! Let’s be honest the idea of making the effort to head into a department store, wait around for someone to assist, get nude & then get measured by a stranger with cold hands is as appealing as a warm rosé in summer. But if you have a closet full of ill-fitting bras then a bra-fitting is EXACTLY what you need. The solution? Your very own bra-fitting party. At home, in comfort, with friends, your privacy & all the iced rosé a girl could want. Interested?

lace bra flat-laystyle blogger Lisa Hamilton having a personalised bra-fittinghosting a bra-fitting partyfriends attending a bra-fitting party guests attend a bra-fitting party getting measured by a bra specialist hosting a bra-fitting party

(party decorations by Ruby Rabbit, balloons by Moonshot Balloons)

Trust me, just as there is nothing more uncomfortable (& damn right annoying) as an ill-fitting bra, there is absolutely no better feeling than that of a well-fitting bra. This is where my good friends at Intimo come in to play. In fact, they have the largest team of bra fit specialists in the world (now that’s impressive) so it’s no wonder they seem to know what they’re doing. Let the bra parties begin!

Our incredible consultant Courtney was so knowledgeable & made the entire operation such a pleasant experience. Whilst we ate & drank the afternoon away, one-by-one we were whisked away to the bedroom for our personal fitting. Most importantly we each felt relaxed, we felt good and we felt comfortable throughout the intimate process. We discussed our pet-hates when it comes to bras & what exactly we were looking for,  meaning the entire service was completely tailored to our needs. Then, it was simply a matter of jotting down our shopping list & putting in the order!

Still dubious? Well here’s an eye-opening stat. A recent survey showed that 80% of women are wearing the incorrect bra size! That number is simply crazy right?! Thankfully, after you’ve been measured up, Intimo deliver when it comes to options. From sports to sultry, from white to watermelon, from everyday to lace – Intimo really do have it all.

To be completely honest with you, it was one of the most worthwhile and significant experiences I have ever had. Knowledge (& feeling good) is power, both of which I achieved after hosting my bra-fitting party.  When my bounty of fresh, perfectly-fitting bras arrived on my doorstep a few days later, I culled all of my old, ill-fitting bras & have not looked back since. Who would have thought that hosting a bra party could be such a life-changing event?

When will you host yours?



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