What’s a festive holiday without the gift of coffee? I’m not sure what goes down in your household,
but in ours the Nespresso machine is ALWAYS turned on during the holidays. Well the good news is,
for all you coffee lovers Nespresso has launched a Limited Edition festive range just in time for the
silly season…

Nespresso festive coffee flavoursUsing the Nespresso Essenza mini coffee machineNespresso Essenza mini coffee machinedrinking Nespresso festive coffee flavours
Nespresso festive coffee flavoursNespresso festive coffee flavoursdrinking Nespresso festive coffee flavoursNespresso festive coffee flavours

At Nespresso, it all started with a simple idea: provide anyone the tools to create the ultimate cup of
coffee. They have undoubtedly revolutionised the coffee industry (I mean, who hasn’t heard of a
coffee capsule these days?!) & after being on my wish list forever, I have my very own machine
thanks to an early Santa delivery! Luckily for me I timed my run very well, as Nespresso has just
released a festive range which offers something for every coffee snob out there. Here’s three things
to add to your Christmas shopping list pronto….

1. Limited Edition Festive Touch Cups

A joyous and colourful collaboration with renowned Aussie designers Craig Redman & Karl Maier has
produced these super sweet, candy-cane inspired coffee cups. Now aren’t they just adorable?

2. Limited Edition Variations Confetto Coffees

If the desire to try something new comes out like it does for me at Christmas then these Limited
Edition coffees will certainly tickle your fancy. Inspired by traditional childhood sweet treats, the
clever elves at Nespresso have developed three delicious new festive flavours. Confetto Liquorice,
Confetto Orangette (basically a Jaffa in a cup) & Confetto Snowball (think vanilla & coconut
goodness). If the smell of these guys doesn’t get your tastebuds watering when you wake up
Christmas morning then I don’t know what will. FYI, for all you Nespresso aficionados the intensity
rating of these flavours is six.

3. Essenza Mini Coffee Machine

Aka their smallest ever machine it’s great for those tight & compact little spaces. The perfect space-saving
solution for that person on your Christmas list who is all about convenience. While the coffee machines are bulky and inconvenient, no other coffee maker can match their precision. You can also choose a refurbished espresso machine or a used coffee machine that fits into your budget and will not break the bank merely to have a coffee machine to travel with or possibly have one at your home. You can also keep it in your car as a constant travel companion, and you’ll be good to go.

If you own a pub, a cafe, or a hotel with limited space, you can rent a high-quality range coffee machine that fits your budget. Great coffee is always a good idea, whether your business is new or an established one. After all, your coffee offering is the single most important factor and the one that can make the most difference on its own. If interested, you can take a peek into the exclusive coffee machines offered by companies such as Iron & Fire or others of a similar nature.

Now what Nespresso product will you be asking Santa for this year?

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