With so many misconceptions around the use of American Express these days, it’s often stashed in the back of your wallet & only pulled out for those occasional big purchases. In fact, American Express is welcomed at many more retailers than most us think, even I was pleasantly surprised at how prevalently it is accepted! Still not so sure? Well here’s six ways I used my AMEX this weekend…

Paying for petrol with American Express

(Sweaty Betty leggings, Jaggad tee, Gucci Dionysus bag, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Asos denim jacket, Reebok Classic sneakers, Seed off-shoulder dress, Converse sneakers)

1. Purchasing then attending reformer pilates at Universal Practice

Such a simple process! I was able to book in a reformer pilates class & pay for it online with my card. I love starting my day with a workout & after a busy week, pilates is my favourite kind of release. Now if only my AMEX could help me hold that side plank, wouldn’t that be ideal?!

2. Grabbing a smoothie at Tinker after class

It’s safe to say I am well and truly addicted to the raspberry & peanut smoothies on offer at my fave local cafe, Tinker in Northcote. They are absolutely delicious & perfect for when I’m on the go. Luckily for me all it takes is one tap of my AMEX & my tastebuds have gone to smoothie heaven!

3. Going on a shopping spree in the city

You definitely cannot blame a girl for using her new shiny piece of plastic for such activities. I mean, that’s why credit cards were invented right? With more of the places I love to shop at welcoming American Express, my shopping trip was set. Thankfully my AMEX doesn’t judge my spending habits & loves to shop as much as I do! Happy days indeed.

4. Buying flowers at Glasshaus Florist

This is hands down my favourite florist in all of Melbourne (and if you haven’t visited their warehouse space, it’s a must!) They always have the most incredible selection of striking blooms & hip-hip-hooray, they take American Express! I stocked up on some fresh tulips for the house, something I always do on weekends. Fresh blooms for a fresh week!

5. Late lunch at Fonda Mexican

More tacos please! Nothing beats Fonda’s fish tacos (trust me, they are actually next level) & of course I was able to tap away with my card when placing my order. The absolute perfect way to spend an afternoon in the sun.

6. Filling up my car with petrol

Finishing up a hectic day about town by once again using my Amex to pay for the goods. Driving away happy after no doubt adding some rewards points to my account over the day!

Now would you believe that up until a few weeks ago, I had never owned a credit card? Even after researching different credit cards on sites like https://www.banksterusa.org, I was still skeptical. But since joining the Amex family, I can see what all the fuss is about! It’s SO much more than just a piece of plastic. I receive exclusive invites to special events, great deals from the brands I love, rewards points to spend how I like, travel credits & airport lounge access for all my travels.

Does your card do that?

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